Online Driver’s Application for Employment

There’s no need for drivers to apply for employment or fill out paper applications.
Run the entire procedure online with our driver-focused online application.

Driver can complete an Employment
Form application online.

Application For Truck Driver

Compliance with the DOT is critical, and ensuring compliance can be difficult and complex. We’ll take care of everything for you! We provide a secure online application for drivers that meets DOT requirements. This contains things like the past three years of driver’s license history, prior three years of residency, past employment history, violations, and more.

Upload Required Documents

Drivers can upload DOT-mandated documents such as their driver’s license, road test certificate, and other important documents themselves.

documents upload

Get Digital Signatures
Wherever you are

Instead of attempting to convince the driver to fill out numerous documents after you have decided to hire them, your online application has the driver fill out and electronically sign the forms, ensuring that everything is prepared. The application has a number of steps that require each applicant to provide the following information along with their electronic signature:

  • Employment Application.
  • Inquiry Form for Driving Record
  • Annual Driver’s Certificate of Violations
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Program/Policy

Save and Return

The application for truck drivers is lengthy and it demands the completion of all necessary documentation. Our software allows drivers to complete the application process with multiple logins while saving all entered information in real-time. Gathering information and the preparation of required documents is worry-free.


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