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MVR Report

50 State Motor Vehicle Record access in our easy-to-use Qualified Driver File software instantly. Order Driving Record Check now!

DOTDriverFiles is configured to process the majority of your MVRs in a span of a few minutes. Upon completion of the Driver Qualification File, MVRs can be ordered immediately, and set for automatic annual renewal orders.

Initiate MVRs before hiring to get a sense of the driver’s history before placing them on the road. This small investment into your operational compliance and safety can prevent huge headaches and expenses later.

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how to get mvr report

How to get MVR Report

Annual MVRs

Compliance Safety Simplicity


Simplify how to get MVR report with your Driver Qualification File management software, while lowering costs and prioritizing safety.

Opt for automatic MVRs with DOTDriverFiles. We handle the annual MVR process, notifying you when it occurs and when the report is ready for review. This saves time for your safety manager to focus on creating alerts, running MVRs, and scheduling driver reviews.