DOT Compliance Pricing Packages

Manage your entire Driver compliance lifecycle with DOTDriverFiles online software. From applications to PSPs, MVRs, screenings, licenses, secure digital storage, and automated reminders with document updates & requests. We handle it all and keep your management time and expenses down. DOTDriverFiles keeps your fleet compliant!

Monthly Pricing Fee

1-4 Active Drivers

Test Our software out. Run your own file as an owner operator. Or, run a small team. Nothing to lose. It's free!

5-50 Active Drivers

Rest assured your growing fleet is compliant with all Driver Qualification File requirements.

51-100 Active Drivers

Your focused on growing your Transportation business. Feel confident that your DQF Compliance is handled.

100+ Active Drivers

You operating a large business. DOTDriverFiles has your entire driver fleet covered with Driver Qualification Compliance. Flat rate monthly fee.

Fees for State Motor Vehicle Reports

Each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides driving records, which can be downloaded in PDF format. Only the MVRs you order are charged.

State MVR Fee
Alabama $20.95
Alaska $20.95
Arizona $16.95
Arkansas $23.95
California $12.95
Colorado $16.95
Connecticut $28.95
Delaware $35.95
District of Columbia $23.95
Florida $21.05
Georgia $18.95
Hawaii $33.95
Idaho $20.95
Illinois $30.95
Indiana $18.45
Iowa $21.25
Kansas $24.65
Kentucky $16.45
Louisiana $28.95
Maine $22.95
Maryland $22.95
Massachusetts $18.95
Michigan $25.95
Minnesota $15.95
Mississippi $24.95
Missouri $16.83
Montana $18.32
Nebraska $13.95
Nevada $18.95
New Hampshire $24.95
New Jersey $22.95
New Mexico $17.45
New York $17.95
North Carolina $21.7
North Dakota $13.95
Ohio $15.95
Oklahoma $38.45
Oregon $24.94
Pennsylvania $26.95
Rhode Island $31.95
South Carolina $18.2
South Dakota $15.95
Tennessee $18.45
Texas $18.45
Utah $21.95
Vermont $31.95
Virginia $18.95
Washington $23.95
West Virginia $23.45
Wisconsin $17.95
Wyoming $20.95

Fees for DOT PSP Report

The cost of the DOT Pre-Employment Screening Program Report is the same every time you request it.